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New Jersey Parenting Time 

What is the difference between parenting time and child custody?

This is a very common question in a family law action where a child or children are involved. It is important to know that custody andNew Jersey Parenting Time NJ Divorce Attorney East Brunswick visitation are not interchangeable terms, but are instead two legally different things. The Law Offices of Gregg Rubenstein will help you navigate through what to expect with the New Jersey parenting time laws.

Child visitation refers to parenting time. Which is the amount of time one parent spends with a child. When one speaks of a child visitation schedule or arrangement, they are referring to what days, times, and with what frequency a parent is going to spend with a child. Where as child Custody can really be broken down into two different types. Which are “legal” custody, and “physical” custody.

Parenting Time Schedule

A parenting time schedule tells when the children spend time with each parent. If a court order says “reasonable” parenting time, parents must work out the specific dates, times, and other conditions together. The children’s ages, how far apart the parents live, and the parents’ schedules can affect a parenting time schedule.

If a judge orders specific parenting time, all the details are included in the court order. It may work best to have a specific parenting time schedule if you and the other parent can’t easily talk to one another or agree on a parenting time schedule.

Many family courts have a standard parenting time schedule that may be used in your order. A standard parenting time schedule normally gives parents every other week and/or weekend. Holidays are split between the parents, and they switch each year. For example, this year you have the children for Christmas Eve and the other parent has the children for Christmas Day. Next year the other parent will have Christmas Eve and you will have Christmas Day.

If one parent is irresponsible or has harmed or threatened to harm the children, the judge may order parenting time to be supervised by a third party. The supervisor could be a friend, relative, or another person the judge chooses.

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